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Dracula: The Bloody Truth

Dracula: The Bloody Truth

Le Navet Bete in association with Exeter Northcott Theatre

Recommended age: 8+

‘Dracula: The Bloody Truth’ is a theatrical retelling of Bram Stoker’s classic novel. It will expose that the events recorded in 1897 were not fiction at all....but fact. This brand new comedy theatre show will take audiences on a journey across Europe from the dark and sinister Transylvanian mountains to the awkwardly charming seaside town of Whitby and into the world of the supernatural, educating us all on the perils of dealing with vampires.

Exeter based Le Navet Bete (previously at The Beehive with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Dick Tracy) are committed to creating hilarious theatre shows using engaging and creative storytelling. Set shortly after 1897 audiences will be introduced to Professor Abraham Van Helsing educating the world on the actual events of Dracula through his first ever theatre tour which he himself has produced and is in fact...starring in!

Expect Professor Van Helsing and the three actors he has commissioned to present this true story through the mediums of song, dance, soliloquy, shadow puppets and even some Victorian parlour tricks that will always go exactly as planned...supposedly.

Directed by John Nicholson (Peepolykus) ‘Dracula: The Bloody Truth’ promises to have the vampires back in the ground and leave the audience flying high.

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Tickets: Adult £10, Student/Under 16 £8

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