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Nostalgic Cinema: Mary Poppins (U)

Nostalgic Cinema: Mary Poppins

Everyone's favourite nanny is back on the big screen!

Director: Robert Stevenson

Writers: Bill Walsh, Don DaGradi and P.L. Travers

Stars: Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke

1964 Film Musical. When Jane and Michael, the children of the wealthy and uptight Banks family, are faced with the prospect of a new nanny, they are pleasantly surprised by the arrival of the magical Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews). Embarking on a series of fantastical adventures with Mary and her Cockney performer friend, Bert (Dick Van Dyke), the siblings try to pass on some of their nanny's sunny attitude to their preoccupied parents.

Dementia Friendly Cinemas have proven to be very therapeutic for people with memory problems and their families. Besides engaging the brain and stimulating emotions, being part of an audience enjoying a film helps people with dementia and their carers to feel less isolated and also challenges the stigma associated with the condition.

Whilst promoted as a dementia friendly screening, it is open to anyone who loves the old films and wants to come along for an afternoon of fond memories.

Tickets £3.50. Free tea and biscuits

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