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1959: The Golden Year of Jazz with the Neil Maya Quartet

1959: The Golden Year of Jazz with the Neil Maya Quartet

We are delighted The Neil Maya Quartet are returning to The Beehive after their fabulous performance of The Brubeck Project here in Autumn 2017. The band are now back with their latest project...

1959 is often considered an extremely influential year in the development of modern jazz with a number of new sub genres within jazz coming to the fore including bossa nova and modal jazz. 1959 also spawned some of jazz’s finest albums of all times including of course Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue and Dave Brubeck’s Time Out. The Neil Maya Quartet now brings some of the very best and most famous recordings from 1959 alive 60 years on.

The concept of creating a performance focusing on the music of this seminal year has been developing for Neil over the last couple of years. This is partially due to his interest in the music of Dave Brubeck, hence, the band’s Brubeck Project, which has played throughout the South West over the last four years. Neil has also come to realise he has a real affinity with the ‘50s approach to jazz of which 1959 seems to reach a high point. Jazz also played an important role in the fight for racial equality, particularly in the United States, and this is also explored in the performance.

This evening’s performance will include classic works from Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, Dave Brubeck quartet’s Time Out, John Coltrane’s Giant Steps, Charlie Mingus’s Ah Hum and more.

Over the last decade the band has delivered high quality accessible music for all ages to enjoy, generally with an air of light joviality and frivolity about the evening. Neil Maya on saxophones is today joined by Tom Ball on piano, Kev Sanders on bass and Preston Prince on drums.

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