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Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd

Harley's Aunt Productions Presents

Sweeney Todd
The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

A grisly and exciting rendition adapted by John-Robert Partridge and Catherine Prout.

Based on the original Penny Dreadful Novel, A String of Pearls, this production is a deliciously spooky rendition of the story of Sweeney Todd.

Hard to believe that this quietly spoken, unassuming barber of Fleet Street is anything other than your average late 18th Century entrepreneur, divesting customers of excess facial hair.

Hard to believe that the formidable Mrs Lovett is anything other than a superlative chef, producer of the most addictively, delectable meat pies in London.

Hard to believe anything of note, since anyone who asks too many questions tends to disappear on long trips.

Thing is though, people are going missing. Terrified wretches are appearing in the Asylum, raving about razor blades and meat supplies. And, from the large cavity under the Crypt of St Dunstans Church is emanating the most repulsive odour – really, it’s like something died down there…

Join Captain Carlisle as his ship docks in London and he goes in search of answers.

With some adult themes, recommended for ages 15+ and not for the faint-hearted!

Tickets: £14 General Admission

Ticket price includes £1 admin fee.

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